OLIve-UP students

OLIve-UP started in January 2017, with a 6-month program, and enrolled 9 students for both BA and MA preparation. 

- Countries of origin: Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Uganda

- Countries of residence: Hungary, Germany, Norway

- Tutoring disciplines: Business Studies, Economics, International Business Law, International Relations and Political Science, Public Policy, Sociology and Social Anthropology

Currently at its second session (September 2017 - June 2018), the program has 12 full-time students. 

- Countries of origin: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria

- Countries of residence: Hungary, Germany, Serbia

- Disciplines students are tutored in: Business Studies, Human Rights, International Relations and Political Science, Philosophy, Public Policy, Sociology and Social Anthropology