Refugee Education Initiatives (REIs)

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

Call: Social inclusion through education, training and youth /// education and training /// transnational cooperation

Objectives of the call: Fostering the inclusion of disadvantaged learners, including persons with a migrant background, while preventing and combating discriminatory practices.

Specific objectives of the REIs project are as follows: 

1. Enhancing access to quality and inclusive mainstream education and training with a focus on the needs of disadvantaged learners through OLIve-UP and WP

2. Facilitating the acquisition of the language(s) of instruction for newly arrived migrants through OLIve-WP

3. Assessing knowledge and validating prior learning of newly arrived migrants through OLIve-UP and WP;

The purpose of the project is to facilitate the social and economic integration of newly arrived migrants and foster their inclusion into higher education as currently disadvantaged learners. The Refugee Education Initiatives (REIs) achieve this by upscaling to the European level an existing project, the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve, now called OLIve Weekend Program, OLIve-WP) running at Central European University since January 2016, and by taking what we have learnt from OLIve-WP and extending its scope and rationale into a university preparatory programme, the one year Refugee Access Initiative (RAI - but now called OLIve University Preparatory Program, OLIve-UP).

Both OLIve-WP and OLIve-UP are implemented through REIs at the European level in three different countries - Hungary at CEU, in the United Kingdom at the University of East London and in Austria at the University of Vienna.  

Additional funding to run OLIve-UP at CEU comes from the Open Society Foundations - Higher Education Support Program.