HOW to apply to OLIve-WP

Make sure you read carefully the description of the program and courses, and all the requirements for applying to the program. Complete and submit the online application form the latest by 2 December, 2018.

Requirements for ALL the tracks:

Requirements for the Academic Track:

  • Copies of your latest diploma and transcript

  • A CV

  • A motivation letter, which describes your future plans (including university programs or subject-areas you might apply to in the future, if known) and the topics you would like to study.

Requirements for the Advocacy Track

  • A CV

  • A motivation letter, which includes a description of your interests and, if possible, your ideas for a future project. Include here organisations or people you see as sources of inspiration, social issues you are interested in, general questions you think you would like to address with your action.

Requirements for the Career Track

  • A CV

  • A motivation letter, which explains why you are interested in applying to this program.

IMPORTANT: Once you decide what track is for you, use this template and upload it in the "Other Documents" section of the online application form.