Online Application Form

Before you start: If you applied to OLIve or CEU in a previous admission cycle, please use your existing login and password to start a new application. If you do not remember your password from last year click on Forgotten Password. With technical problems, bugs or errors related to the online application forms please contact the CEU IT Help Desk.

Step-by-step guide to succesfully completing your CEU OLIve-WP online application form 

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on New User

  3. Fill in all the information required to create a new account and then click on Create New User

  4. At Course Selection please choose the tab RGPP, OLIVE and then click on Search Now

  5. Under Your Search Results you will find the link to the Weekend Program (OLIve-WP) application form - click on that

  6. At the Apply on the course section click on Apply

Now you can start your online application to OLIve-WP. Don’t forget to submit it the latest by 2 December 2018.

Make sure you fill in all the sections:

Personal details

  • Insert all the required information

Contact details

  • Insert all the required information


  • Qualifications 1: insert the information regarding the last educational program you attended

  • Documents: upload a copy of your certificate or diploma (from the last educational program you attended) and a copy of your transcript (the marks you received during the last educational program you attended). If you cannot obtain a copy of any of these documents please upload a document with your full name and, if possible, the details of your previous studies such as courses you attended and the marks you received.

  • English Language Qualifications: if you previously took an English language test or have studied in English, please select Yes and upload a copy of the proof in the Other Supporting Documents section. Your application will still be considered even if you select No, and if your English level will be assessed in an interview if you are eligible for OLIve-WP.

  • Other Supporting Documents: if you wish, here you can add any other documents that you think might make your application stronger (any papers you wrote during your previous studies, any project you have been involved in, etc.)


  • Documents: upload your CV in English

  • Current Role: please select yes or no

  • Previous Role: please select yes or no

Document Uploads

  • Motivation Letter: read the call for applications carefully and make sure you write your motivation letter based on the specific requirements of the track you are applying to. If applying to two tracks, indicate this in your motivation letter and explain your choices.

  • Track Selection: you can choose from one of the three tracks: Academic, Advocacy, Career. If you want, you can apply to 2 tracks, but if you are selected you will be offered a place in only one of the tracks. Please download the track selection form, indicate the two tracks you wish to be considered for, in order of preference, and upload it in this section.


You will not be able to modify your application once you click submit so please make sure you check all the sections one more time before submitting.

If you need any additional support with your application form, please send us an email at You can visit our office in 1051 Budapest, Nador street 11, 4th floor, room 415 at Central European University on the following dates:

- November 14, 21 and 28 (Wednesday): 3 pm to 7 pm
- November 17 and 14 and December 1 (Saturday): 1 pm to 5 pm