Academic Study

Students will be tutored in small groups and given the opportunity to 'audit' a Masters course at CEU (for more information on MA courses that students can audit, visit this page).   With the assistance of OLIve-UP faculty, students identify a subject that they wish to study at BA or MA level. A syllabus will then be drawn up to address their aims and their current level. The syllabus is academically demanding but builds up in a way that enables each student to learn effectively. 

Academic Tutoring classes offer small group training in a specific subject. Academic Tutoring will aim to foster inquisitiveness about and critical reflection on the discipline while gaining knowledge of core ideas and concepts. Knowledge will be gained through active study, meaning participation and engagement in classroom settings, critical and reflective reading and writing and independent learning. Academic Tutoring will teach subjects as they are taught at Central European University, the knowledge gained though is transferable to other university programs.


ECTS Winter

ECTS Spring