Application Checklist - Important Documents

In order for your application to be considered, you need to submit a fully completed Online Application Form, the latest by 10 April (23:59 CET), including all the following documents: 

  • A CV (in English), with details of your academic background and work experience, if any.  Please also indicate your English level.

  • A Letter of Motivation (maximum 2 pages) stating why you would like to participate in this program and describing your academic and professional achievements, as well as interests and goals for the future and how further university study will help you achieve these.

  • Scanned copy or photocopy of your diploma and a transcript of previous grades if you have these available. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a copy of your diploma and transcript, please fill in this  form  and upload it to your application in the section reserved for diploma and transcript. Your application will still be considered if you do not have a copy of your diploma or transcript and you will not be at a disadvantage.

  • Up to two reference letters  (one is mandatory), if possible one from someone familiar with your academic experience or skills to date. In the application form you will have to provide the name and contact details of a person familiar with your past academic performance, ideally a former teacher or university lecturer who can write a reference for you. If you are not able to contact an academic referee, then please provide the contact details of a previous employer. The referee will be contacted by CEU and will upload the reference. If you have copies of other references, you may upload additional reference(s) in the section 'Qualifications - Other Supporting Documents’ or have these sent to directly by your referee(s). 

  • If you have a sample of academic writing in English (e.g an essay prepared for a university program) please submit this in the section 'Qualifications - Other Supporting Documents’. Your application will still be considered and will not be at a disadvantage if you do not have a writing sample.

Please note that your application will not be considered complete unless you submit the complete application form, including the required uploads, the latest by 10 April, 2018 (23:59 CET).