Call for applicants: Academic Instructors at OLIve-WP

February 3, 2018

The CEU Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) invites applicants for Academic Instructors for its Weekend Program (OLIve-WP):

  • Academic Instructor in Society and Politics 
  • Academic Instructor in Economics, Business and Society
  • Academic Instructor in Public Policy
  • Academic Instructor in Epistemology and Methodology of the Social Sciences

OLIve-WP offers a comprehensive range of classes for refugees and asylum seekers. Academic Instructors will work within the ‘Academic Track’ of the program. The Academic Instructors will work with students who are preparing for entry to university. Some students will be planning to enter university very soon, others are exploring subject areas and will make a decision later.

The Academic Instructors in Society and Politics and in Economics, Business and Society will devise and teach 15-week interdisciplinary courses. The Society and Politics class should focus on key empirical and theoretical issues broadly pertaining to political and social processes. The Economics, Business and Society class should focus on empirical and theoretical issues that help students understand economic processes, business practices and the contexts in which these operate. These are broad courses: we are looking for instructors who will enjoy devising and teaching a class that gives them space to reflect on these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Assistance and supervision will be provided by CEU faculty in devising syllabi and in teaching methods.

Students in the Society and Politics class and in the Economics, Business and Society class will, for the most part, be post-high school students preparing for BA entry (some may have a few months or even years of Bachelors study). When thinking of a curriculum, Instructors should consider key questions and ideas that will help students decide what they would like to study at university as well as providing them with broad interdisciplinary knowledge that will be helpful at BA level.

The Academic Instructor in Public Policy will run a 15-week class to prepare a smaller group of students for entry to Masters-level courses. The syllabus here should focus on the development of graduate-level knowledge in specific areas of Public Policy.

The Academic Instructor in Epistemology and Methodology of the Social Sciences will run a 6-week course that will be mandatory for all students taking Academic Instruction classes. The aim here is to help students think about how the social sciences approaches problems, cases and issues. Students should reflect on what constitutes ‘knowledge’ in the social sciences. This class will start a few weeks after the other Academic Instruction classes, the successful candidate will be asked to spend two or so weeks observing the other classes and consulting with other Instructors in order to construct a syllabus around student needs. Assistance and supervision will be provided by CEU faculty.

Classes are taught in 100 minute sessions every Saturday beginning 25 February (except the Epistemology and Methodology class). For all positions, preference will be given to PhD students and recent PhD graduates from CEU or other Hungarian university. Students studying for a Masters degree will also be considered. We welcome joint applications: a team of two instructors may apply to teach any class jointly. Previous teaching experience is not necessary. These are remunerated positions, not voluntary. The stipend offered will be confirmed later this week (please contact us for further information).

To apply please send the following by email to Prem Kumar Rajaram, Academic Coordinator at OLIve-WP (

  1. A CV
  2. A motivation letter outlining specifically how your education and/or experience will help you teach the course. When relevant, do explain to us how your education and experience has provided you with interdisciplinary knowledge necessary
  3. The contact details of two referees, one of whom should be your thesis supervisor.

Application deadline is 10 February 2018.