Call for Applications OLIve-WP 2018-2019

November 8, 2018

Call for Applications 


The Open Learning Initiative Weekend Program (OLIve - WP) at Central European University focuses on opening access to education for refugees and asylum seekers. Established in January 2016, the Weekend Program (OLIve-WP) is designed for asylum seekers and refugees in Hungary and take place every Saturday. This academic year (2018-2019), there will be one term running between February and June 2019. Applications are accepted from Friday, 9 November 2018, to Sunday, 2 December, 2018.

  • Academic Track

If you are planning to apply for a higher education program, either in Hungary or abroad, then the Academic Track will help you develop the key skills needed to apply. This track gives you the opportunity to let your inquisitive mind explore new topics and themes, develop your critical thinking skills, and learn new analytical and theoretical approaches.

Courses on offer:

  • Topic based courses on ‘Society & Culture’, ‘Politics & Policy’ and ‘History’
  • Academic skills
  • Academic seminar on different topics, including international policy making, environmentaljustice, the body and politics, etc.
  • Academic English
  • Discipline-specific instruction for advanced students

To apply for this track you should have upper-intermediate (B2) English or above and plan to apply to a Bachelors or Masters program within the next two years.

  • Advocacy Track

Would you like to learn how to organize and represent yourself and others in your school, your workplace, or your community? If you are interested in issues related to human rights, labour, migration, the environment or other important social questions of our time, this program is here to support you in advocating for them. In this program, we will assist you in learning how to manage and organise a project or action from beginning to end. You will have the opportunity to work with experienced advocates, civil society leaders and fellow students to achieve your goals. At the end of the program you will be able to intern, job shadow or volunteer at a local organisation whose work is relevant to your interests.

Courses on offer:

  • Seminar with representatives of civil society organisations
  • English for advocacy purposes
  • Communication skills
  • Media production

To apply for this track you should have upper-intermediate English (B2) and an interest in initiatives challenging social inequalities.

  • Career Track

The Career Track is designed for students who do not want to pursue an academic career but would like to acquire practical skills that might be useful on the labour market. You will learn how to use the most common software employed in office work, you will improve your written and communication skills and you will work with a career profesional to develop your CV.

Courses on offer:

  • Presentation Skills: Oral and Writing Presentation
  • English language
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Finance Management
  • Project Coordination

To apply for this track you should have intermediate (B1) English.


All refugees and asylum seekers registered in Hungary can apply. Priority will be given to women applicants. For candidates who have been in OLIve-WP before, acceptance depends on their past performance. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants younger than 14 years.

Additionally, please take note of the track-specific eligibility requirements outlined above.


Make sure you read carefully the description of the program, tracks and courses, and all the requirements for applying including track-specific requirements. Complete and submit the online application form by 02 December, 2018​​.

Requirements for ALL the tracks:

  • Complete the online application form - accepts applications between 9 November 2018 and 2 December 2019.
  • Track selection - to let us know what track you are applying to, you need to fill in this template and upload it in the “Document Upload” section of the online application form.

Requirements for the Academic Track:

  • Copies of your latest diploma and transcript
  • A CV
  • A motivation letter, which describes your future plans (including university programs or subject-areas you might apply to in the future, if known) and the topics you would like to study.

Requirements for the Advocacy Track

  • A CV
  • A motivation letter, which includes a description of your interests and, if possible,​ ​​your ideas for a future project. Include here organisations or people you see as sources of inspiration, social issues you are interested in, general questions you think you would like to address with your action.
Requirements for the Career Track
  • A CV
  • A motivation letter, which explains why you are interested in applying to this program.


Please submit your complete online application form the latest by ​2 December 2018​​.
We will contact you by email if you are selected for an interview, after ​6 December, 2018.

The program runs between February and June 2019 and the accepted applicants are expected to attend all the sessions.


Email address:

Address: 1051 Budapest, Nador street 11, 4th floor, room 415

Phone: +36 1327 3000 x2857

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