At this moment, OLIve-UP is only available for people of refugee or related protection status, including those in refugee-like conditions as defined by the UNHCR, who have the right of residence in Austria or elsewhere in the European Economic Area. If you are an asylum seeker with the right to study in Austria you may also be eligible (please contact us for further details).  We restrict the program to EEA residents because of visa issues which are beyond our control.

You should have a Bachelors degree.  OLIve-UP and CEU recognise that people of refugee status sometimes don’t have a copy of their BA degree.  You can still apply to OLIve-UP, and then CEU, if you do not have a copy of your degree.  Please contact us (email below) for further details.

We also recognise that refugee students may have interrupted their previous study.  If you have completed at least two-thirds of a Bachelors degree you may be eligible to apply.  Please contact us for further details.

OLIve-UP is taught only in English. You need at least a B2 level of English to apply.  We expect to be able to raise someone with a B2 English to the level necessary to be accepted at CEU, but we cannot be sure that we can do so for people with a lower level of English.  English will be tested at an interview and through a short writing assignment after the interview.

The program is taught in person and on-site at CEU’s Vienna campus.  Residence in Vienna is expected for the duration of the program.  If residence in Vienna is impossible due to mobility restrictions as part of your protected status, please contact us and we will discuss your eligibility.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are eligible for further study at a non-degree program at Central European University.  Please pay special attention to whether admission to a university study program might affect your status as a protected person as well as any state support received.