Governing Structure

The governing structure ​of the REIs project is three­-tiered:

  • Coordinating team: ​a group of three individuals (two academic and one administrative) who are responsible for overseeing and implementing the coherent approach of the education, training and advocacy activities of the consortium, and liaison with the team leaders of partners and Work Package leaders; primary contact with the European Commission; overall administrative coordination with regard to joint knowledge sharing and dissemination activities, preparations of meetings, monitoring the implementation of decisions taken at the Steering Group and Supervisory Board­ level; legal, financial and reporting issues; project website, ensure efficient communication among all participating organizations, towards the European Commission and with the wider international community.
  • Steering Committee: ​comprised of a representative of each partner organizations,  ensures smooth implementation and coordination, oversees the quality and outcomes of the educational and training programs and knowledge sharing components of the programs; makes decisions on any adjustments to the milestones of the project plans.
  • Advisory Board: ​comprised of one academic staff member of each partner organization, and a volunteer board member of the two civil society partner and associated partner organization, assist the consortium in different evaluation steps and in liaising with the wider academic and general public.