The Open Learning Initiative Podcast Series

The Open Learning Initiative Podcast Series initiative brings together students, alumni, and faculty from all OLIve consortium member institutions in order to produce informative and interesting segments on education. Topic details and the final scope of the project will be decided on by a production team consisting of interviewers, editors, researchers, writers, narrators, and digital media promoters, all chosen from within the OLIve program.

As a first step, volunteer participants engage in a two-day workshop where they will review the basics and come away with the skills needed for producing high quality podcasts. They will get hands-on experience with equipment, programming, segment writing, and story telling.

CEU OLIve UP participants got their first taste of the podcast life this March. Led by OLIve Weekend Program Director, Ian Cook, with support from CEU's own Thomas Aichinger, students and faculty spent two days in the CEU Media Lab learning everything there is to know about creating an engaging podcast. The next step will be to engage with their counterparts throughout the consortium to create The Open Learning Initiative Podcast Series!