Dragan Djunda

Contact information

Dragan joined OLIve in 2021 as the tutor for Sociology and Social Anthropology. He is in his fourth year of doctoral studies in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at CEU. His teaching pedagogy takes in to consideration the diverse educational background of students in establishing a common ground in knowledge as well as a safe space for peer learning. He uses an array of teaching methods to help students acheive success, such as lectures, class discussion, problem solving, supportive feedback, etc. Dragan brings previous teaching experience as both a teaching assistant and doctoral tutor for classes in both the MA and BA programs. His doctoral research explores the politics of renewable energy in the region of the Western Balkans. His research interests include energy and political power, climate change and environment, political economy, EU accession, uneven development, and studies of post-socialism.


MA Sociology and Social Anthropology (2017) Central European University
PhD Sociology and Social Anthropology (in progress) Central European University